When this cheery, surprise greeting came from my daughter, Clare, and my grandson, Matthew (pictured above) I knew it was time to get on with the writing of the second part of an editorial that started with the story of the closing of my business: Good Bye, 296.

HEALTH COACH is five years old. As well as being a comprehensive guide for a healthy lifestyle, HEALTH COACH is a research project that began in 1993 with the recording of data about the basic health habits and health complications of my clients. Twenty five years and more than 20,000 people later, this project has given me profound insight into the health issues, and the ideas, language, and beliefs about health here in Canada, and I question all of it. 

The HEALTH COACH project is not about beliefs. It is about the physiology of health; the structural and functional knowledge of our bodies; identifying the needs and habits necessary for structural integrity, and healthy physiological function.

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Shares with you the most important and valuable discoveries about health here at HEALTH COACH.

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I question the popular attitudes about health here in North America. The prevalent and pervasive notions have many believing that health is a difficult burden; that it is easier to have unhealthy habits; and being disease-free is largely out of our control. This has led to a conflicted relationship with our health that is supported by the promotion of unhealthy temptations at every turn, by a popular culture of de-valuing health, a ritualized language of denigration, a legacy of physical taboos, a tradition that has never embraced a foundation of basic health habits, a medical system focused on critical care and disease, and government and corporations taking advantage of your ignorance. Until science can create a synthetic human body, or a pill to make you healthy; you are responsible for your health. HEALTH COACH

I am alarmed by what I see here in North America. I identify the unhealthy western lifestyle as the largest and most dangerous health experiment in human history - and I would say that we are clearly getting the results of this experiment. If we want to continue on this unhealthy course, we will need to develop increasingly complex, and invasive medical, and pharmaceutical treatments.

Studies show that most North Americans think health means weight loss, or physical fitness. When health is the goal, rather than weight loss or an increase in body size, better choices are made; the health benefits are more comprehensive and sustainable, and include: beauty, weight loss, muscle development, and healthy aging.

Here in North America, healthcare is defined and commonly understood to mean the treatment of disease. It would be more accurate to define health care as behaviour and choices that create, support, promote, and increase health.

I suggest that there is no need to choose one over the other; you can have both health-promoting health care and the treatment of disease by medical care; but it is important to recognize that they are two very different things, with very different results.

Building a bridge between the worlds of health, science, and medicine is also a goal here at HEALTH COACH. I look forward to the day when health is not considered the alternative.

WHO 2011 Report on Disease In Canada 
In its 2011 report on disease in Canada, the World Health Organization concludes that 89% of deaths are from noncommunicable disease like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases, 15% are premature (under the age of 60), and 80% are preventable. The world average of deaths from noncommunicable disease is 63%. Canadian rates are almost 30% higher. This epidemic of chronic, inflammatory disease is directly related to high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and body mass. These numbers have increased since this study.

In Canada, in 2013, 29.3 billion dollars (an increase of more than 5 billion dollars since 2011) were spent on prescription drugs. 36% of Canadians take two or more prescription drugs, among the highest of the 11 other OECD countries surveyed. 

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

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The human body is an ecosystem of complimentary, co-dependent, and cooperative systems, functioning together to maintain health and designed to heal itself. Neglect of basic health habits leads to physical deterioration, malfunction, a cascade effect of health complications, and finally, to disease.

I see that important health decisions are often made based on information that is misleading, and critical action is taken, based on faulty decision-making. At the first sign of health complications, the few, or singular health habits are the first to be questioned and halted.

Good health choices start with an understanding of the body. What is it made of? How does it work? What does it need to be healthy and to function naturally? 

Understanding what your body needs to be healthy will help you make informed choices when considering health trends. This puts the power of your health in your hands. 

Common Sense Needs a PhD
Perhaps common sense belongs to simpler times when there existed fewer threats to our health. Now, there are compromises to our health from food production, environment, medical care, chronic stress, and lifestyle changes. 

Scientific developments in technology and medicine present us with increasingly complex choices. It is difficult for patients and policy makers to understand the choices and to make informed decisions. This removes the power of your health from your control.



How To Identify A Health Trend
During my 38 year career as a health professional, I have seen the same health trends come and go, be renamed and rebranded, and come and go again, several times. 

Along with the characteristics of popularity (just because everyone is doing it does not mean it is a wise choice), brevity (in the big picture, it is short-lived), and acceleration (a quick fix), the defining feature of a health trend is its goal

While the goal of basic health habits is the creation and support of health, the purpose of a health trend is focused on a specific result such as weight loss, detoxification, or physical fitness. Health trends are temporary measures for achieving a limited outcome, while basic health habits are essential, sustainable, and fundamental for the health of all humans. 

When health is the goal, rather than weight loss or an increase in body size, better choices are made, the health benefits are more comprehensive and sustainable, and include beauty, weight management, muscle development, and healthy aging.

HEALTH COACH Basic Health Habits is a comprehensive, sustainable system for the creation and maintenance of health and to reduce the risk of disease; they are essential and fundamental for the health of all humans.

1. Sleep
2. Digestive Health and Nutrition
3. Hydration
4. Physical Activity
5. Positive Mental Attitude
6. Breathing
7. Sweating
8. Sunshine
9. Rest and Relaxation
10. Meditation - Prayer
11. Hygiene personal, home, social, public, occupational, professional, medical, commercial, animal, and environmental
12. Life Skills 
emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, practical skills, responsibility, character, integrity, critical thinking, love and compassion, social skills, social responsibility, personal development and more ...
13. Nature We need a healthy environment to be healthy and disease-free.

All basic health habits are learned behaviours
The younger the age that we learn these habits, the more likely they are to be our dependable, and default system, especially in response to unexpected demands and unplanned stress.

We have a social responsibility to be healthy.
This is especially true in a social system of medicare, like we have here in Canada. Doing nothing to care for your health is neglectful; cultivating unhealthy habits is self-abusive.


The ultimate goal at HEALTH COACH is to challenge and transform your ideas about health, and to prove that health is easy, profoundly rewarding. Health does not require a sacrifice of pleasure or satisfaction. 
Let me also reassure you that it is not necessary to sacrifice your health for pleasure.     HEALTH COACH

The New Moderation
In regard to unhealthy habits, HEALTH COACH recommends moderation, gradual reduction, and finally, elimination. An increase of healthy habits is the most effective way to achieve this. 

When you understand what your body needs to be healthy and to function optimally; and when you make informed choices based on this knowledge and understanding; this can give you a relationship with your health and power of your habits that is more effective than self control. 

Develop a new relationship with your health that is based on knowledge, understanding, and effective choices.

Health is a deliberate, conscious choice. That is the only way it works. First, it must be valued, and then it has to be made a priority. 

Most of the obstacles in our way to changing a habit, are phantoms of fear, created by a lack of knowledge, understanding, and experience. The difficulty with changing habit, if you lack experience, is the difficulty of appreciating the rewards of health during the decision-making phase. With experience, you will discover that being healthy is more attractive and more fulfilling. The healthier you become, the more you will be motivated by and able to include these certain rewards to influence and inspire your choices. As your health improves, you will discover that your resolve and capabilities will also flourish.

Please visit HEALTH COACH RESEARCH RESULTS 2014: With A Practical Guide For Healthy Habits:

  • Healthy habits and unhealthy habits, work the same way, with some distinctions.
  • Healthy habits are not harder than unhealthy habits.
  • It takes less time to be healthy than it does to become unhealthy.

Apple Fennel Salad
1 apple, sliced thin (approximately 1/8th-inch thick)
2 fennel bulbs, sliced very thin (I used a mandoline)
1/2 c walnuts
Macadamia Cheese

Toss the sliced apples and fennel in vinaigrette. Place on plate alternating apple slice and fennel. Top with macadamia cheese, walnuts and ground pepper.

1/4 cup olive oil
2 T maple syrup
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 T diced shallot
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients except diced shallot in blender. Blend until emulsified. Stir in shallots. Put in glass bowl and set aside.

Macadamia Cheese
1 c macadamia nuts, soaked overnight, rinsed
1 T olive oil
2 T lemon juice
1 T agave or liquid sweetener of choice
1 t nutritional yeast
2 T fennel leaves, finely diced
Himalayan salt and pepper, to taste

Process all ingredients in food processor until well blended. You will have to scrape down the sides occasionally. Serves 4  Rawmazing


There are five causes of disease:
1. Congenital
2. Infection or Contamination
3. Neglect of Basic Health Habits
4. Physical Injury
5. Permanent alteration by pharmaceutical drug use or surgery 

Our body is equipped to maintain health and designed to heal itself. Regarding our personal health care, our primary behaviour should involve the support of these natural functions with the practice of personal hygiene and basic health habits.

As long as we are made of flesh and blood, we are bound by natural laws. If your present system of healthcare is not built on a foundation of understanding and support of the natural functions of your body, then it is a faulty system. 

If your body has been altered permanently by surgery or medication, this will affect the intrinsic ability of your body to maintain health and to heal itself.

Only vital force can successfully combat disease.
Law of Disease - T.H. Hawes, F.L.C.S.P. (Phys).

Fire Cider Tonic


  • Apples are an anti-oxidant-rich, high-fibre, nutrient-dense food with vitamins: A, B6, C, E, K,  riboflavin; and minerals: magnesium, calcium, and iron.
  • Apples are beneficial for hemorrhoids, rheumatism, asthma, diabetes, Alzheimers, and anemia.
  • Apples lower bad cholesterol. 
  • Apples help eyesight, dental health, brain, and immune system function, bone, kidney, and liver health.
  • An apple is a more potent and effective energy boost than caffeine.


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