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The human body is an ecosystem of complementary, co-dependent, and cooperative systems, functioning together to maintain health, and designed to heal itself. Regarding our personal health care, our primary behaviour should involve the support of these natural functions with the practise of the 13 Basic Health Habits. 

HEALTH COACH 13 Basic Health Habits is a comprehensive, sustainable system for the creation and maintenance of health; to reduce the risk of disease, and for healthy habit formation; essential and fundamental for the physiological health of all humans.

The 13 Basic Health Habits are also a dependable system for evaluating health. Conventional medical tests give us our risk of particular conditions - high cholesterol warns of impending heart disease, for example, while high blood sugar predicts diabetes. Basic Health Habits, by contrast, help us to evaluate the basic needs to support healthy physiological function; give us an overall reading of how healthy we are; supply the practical application to address any issues, and for healthy habit formation.

Neglect of Basic Health Habits leads to physical deterioration, malfunction, a cascade effect of health complications, and finally, to disease.

As long as we are made of flesh and blood, we are bound by natural laws. If your present system of health care is not built on a foundation of understanding and support of the natural functions of your body, then it is a faulty system.

HEALTH COACH provides the information, instruction, and the tools to facilitate behavioural change that leads to the creation and maintenance of health, rather than the suppression of natural physiological function and the symptoms of an unhealthy body.

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The principle life, and health-supporting physiological functions are involved in: 

  • cellular function
  • cellular building and repair
  • elimination of waste by-products
  • maintenance of health
  • physical structural integrity

Physiological health relates only to an intact, fully functional, flesh and blood body. The necessary elements for the physiological functions of health are dependent on and supplied by your Basic Health Habits. 

In humans, health is also the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, or social challenges.

Health is Not a Trend

The current aggressive marketing and mass popularity of an idealized body image, weight-loss, and extreme fitness is not about health. The first time an individual tries a new fitness and weight-loss diet regimen, they will experience positive results that can be compared to the high of a new drug. The problem with this is, these results will never be as good again; unsupported by health literacy and Basic Health Habits, often leading to more extreme and risky choices, and a distortion of self perception.

Canada has two new eating disorders related to health dieting trends, and a new psychological disorder: Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), that now includes a growing number of young boys and men, as well as girls and women; engaging in extreme fitness, health dieting, surgery, augmentation, drug use, and supplementation behaviours. 

Unfortunately, most people that I treat have extreme fitness habits, unsupported by basic health habits - with effects compounded by unhealthy habits. I have been charting the short and long term damage of this behaviour for more than 25 years. 

While the goal of basic health habits is the creation and support of health, the purpose of a health trend is focused on a specific result such as weight loss, detoxification, or physical fitness. Health trends are temporary measures for achieving a limited outcome - often at a cost to our health, while basic health habits are essential, sustainable, and fundamental for the health of all humans. 

When health is the goal, rather than weight loss or an increase in body size, better choices are made, the health benefits are more comprehensive and sustainable, and include: beauty, weight management, muscle development, and healthy aging.

Health is not defined by fitness; weight loss dieting; nutritional supplementation; detoxification; pharmaceutical medications; surgery; augmentation; natural remedies, or an idealized body image. Trends are not inclusive or sustainable, and almost always come with a cost to health; especially without the 13 Basic Health Habits.


1. Sleep
2. Digestive Health + Nutrition
3. Hydration: digestive health + electrolytes + fluid intake
4. Physical Activity
5. Breathing
6. Positive Mental Attitude 
7. Sweating
8. Sunlight
9. Rest and Relaxation
10. Meditation
11. Hygiene: personal, home, social, public, occupational, professional, medical, commercial, animal, and environmental
12. Life Skills: emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, practical skills, responsibility, character, integrity, critical thinking, love and compassion, social skills, social responsibility, personal development and more ...
13. Nature: We need a healthy environment to be healthy and disease-free.

All basic health habits are learned behaviours, and the younger the age that we learn these habits, the more likely they are to be our dependable, and default system, especially in response to unexpected demands and unplanned stress.

Our body is equipped to maintain health and designed to heal itself. Regarding our personal health care, our primary behaviour should involve the support of these natural functions with the practice of basic health habits.

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Basic Health Habits 1- 13:

1. Sleep 
2. Digestive Health + Nutrition

digestive health + electrolytes + fluid intake

The Best Happy Pill

5. Breathing
Life is about breathing. The rest is detail.

6. Positive Mental Attitude
Steam Baths and the Positive Effects of Negative Ions

8. Sunlight
and D-Mystifying Vitamin D 

9. Rest and Relaxation
If you learn to use a perfect afternoon, in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned the meaning of life. 

10. Meditation
Your unconscious mind processes all of the information you receive, drives 95% of your beliefs and behaviours, and selects what you consciously recognize, react to, and process. Traditionally, meditation unites the conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious; in reality they are not divided, and makes the unconscious, knowable.   
11. Hygiene
Hygiene is two thirds of health.

12. Life Skills
All of the skills required for a healthy, happy, and successful life are learned; they must be deliberately modelled, taught, and learned. 

13. Nature 
We need a healthy environment to be healthy and disease-free.

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The New Moderation

In regard to unhealthy habits, HEALTH COACH recommends moderation, gradual reduction, and finally, elimination. An increase of healthy habits is the most effective way to achieve this. 

When you understand what your body needs to be healthy and to function optimally, and when you make informed choices based on this knowledge and understanding, this can give you a relationship with your health, and power of your habits that is more effective than self control. 

Develop a new relationship with your health that is based on knowledge, understanding, and effective choices.

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