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Health Pioneer, Health PR, Firebrand

I have dedicated my career to health. During my 40 year career as a health professional, I have worked as a researcher, writer, educator, speaker, blog editor, business owner, entrepreneur, massage therapist, health coach, superfood candy artisan, First Nations health support, special needs children's aid, gourmet vegetarian chef, recipe & menu developer, special event caterer, health & import food retail developer, and manager
I have united my work and my passions - they fuel each other. 

Current Projects
  • HEALTH COACH TALKS WITH Valerie Tonner, Remedial Massage Therapist, Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba
  • Leading the vanguard of a new generation of well-educated, progressive health professionals with the identification of a comprehensive health creation and maintenance system of 13 Basic Health Habits necessary, universally, for human physiological health. This is the fundamental foundation of health missing, and needed to build a coherent and definitive infrastructure of education systems, government policy, and healthcare that actually includes health. 
I am developing opportunities for HEALTH COACH: HEALTH COACH APP, Public Speaking, Freelance Writing, Print Column, Radio Show, Vlogging, Health Coaching, Publishing, Preschool and Public Grade School Health Curriculum, Health Coach Certificate Program, comedy about health in Canada

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CANDY WITH BENEFITS Superfood For Heroes   
June 2014 - Present 
SEED Winnipeg Feasibility Study 2014

Online Superfood Candy Shoppe 

Opened: September 2014

Sunday Soap Sisters

Homemade soaps, face and body lotions, and scrubs
2013 - 2014

Business Owner - Therapist 

1999 - May 31, 2014 

Valerie Tonner Therapeutic Massage 
:: The best things happen when you're relaxed ::

I invested in, and undertook the physical labour of a complete renovation-restoration of the historic, 1911 commercial shop at 296 Taché Avenue, to create a clinic. 

All responsibilities involved in the daily operations: 

  • Customer service 
  • Assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction
  • Therapy: rehabilitation of injuries, including special needs, children, and elderly clients 
  • Branding, marketing, and promotions
  • Contract: 1 Associate Therapist
  • Editorial: Good Bye, 296 

Blog Editor, Writer, Researcher
A Comprehensive Guide For A Healthy Lifestyle and Research Project 
1993 - Present

HEALTH COACH is a research project that began with the recording of data about the basic health habits and health complications of my clients. Twenty-six years, and more than 20,000 people later, this project has given me profound insight into the health issues, and the ideas, language, and beliefs about health here in Canada. 

I question all of it, and I answer those questions. 

HEALTH COACH is also a comprehensive guide for a healthy lifestyle. I have identified 13 basic health habits that are necessary universally, for human physiological health. This is the fundamental foundation of health missing, and needed to build a coherent infrastructure of education systems, government policy, and healthcare that actually includes health.

For the last nine years, my research has focused on providing the evidence to show that the basic health habits are not only necessary for physiological structural integrity and function, but also, when practiced together as a whole, the 13 basic health habits are comprehensive enough to create and maintain health, to reduce the risk of disease, and for healthy habit formation. 

The 13 basic health habits are also a dependable system for evaluating health. Conventional medical tests give us our risk of particular conditions - high cholesterol warns of impending heart disease, for example, while high blood sugar predicts diabetes. Basic Health Habits, by contrast, help us to evaluate the basic needs to support healthy physiological function, give us an overall reading of how healthy we are, and supply the practical application to address any issues.

Restaurant Chef/Owner Apprenticeship
Tomato Pie Company 
All responsibilities in the daily operations including POS system, reservations, bookkeeping, team leadership and management, kitchen management and food preparations. I enjoy the dynamics of well-run team work in demanding, fast-paced situations in the service industry.

Business Co-Owner, Massage Therapist 
Provencher Therapeutic Massage Thérapeutique
1996 - 1999 

Design, renovate, maintenance, daily operations, including appointments, bookkeeping, POS systems, partner relations, and Therapy

Stained Glass Artist
Abbey Stained Glass Studio  
1997 - 2002 

Original design and painting on glass using traditional materials, methods and styles - large-scale commercial projects

Massage Therapist, Contract
Ness Clinic 
1993 - 1996 

I had the opportunity to be part of a team of multi-disciplinary Doctors and Therapists

Massage Therapist
Massotherapy Clinic   
1989 - 1993 

This was the first multi-practitioner Health Clinic in Winnipeg. We pioneered the field of Massage Therapy and changed city bylaws

Vegetarian Gourmet Chef - Recipe & Menu Developer
1976 - 1989 / 1997 - Present

Tomato Pie Company
The Irish Club (IAM)
Special Events Catering
Cololux Studio
Stone Age Café
Westminster Avenue Macrobiotic Deli and Bakery
Lithium Café
Act II Restaurant
Pumpkin Creek Faire
Röggis Restaurant
Menu creation, recipe development, food preparation, kitchen management, special event production, superfood confectionery business

Manager, Imported and Health Foods
The Real Canadian Superstore   
1980 - 1983 

Development and management of Winnipeg's first Superstore Health and Imported Food Departments


  • Cervical Mobilization (Osteopathic) 
  • Active Isolated Stretching 
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Spinal Assessment and Treatment (Osteopathic)
  • Knee Assessment and Treatment with Glen Bergeron PhD CAT(C)
  • Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA) A softened version of Rolfing

Advanced Studies in Osteopathic Manual Medicine, with honours

The Abe Reimer Award of Achievement

Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies
June 1995 

The Study, Pathology & Treatment of Fascia with fascial map, case studies, and double diplomas in Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment

Northern Institute of Massage Therapy 

University of Winnipeg    
Humanities: Philosophy, English Literature, & Cultural Anthropology

Professional Association
Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba
2019 -

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

London & Counties Society of Physiologists 
Canadian & UK Branches 
1989 - 2017


Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba
1989 - 1995

Manitoba Writers Guild
The Storytelling Guild of Manitoba
Irish Association of Manitoba Board of Directors, & IAM Event Production 2005 - 2009
HEALTH COACH Research Project: The Physiology of Health - 13 Basic Health Habits - Candy With Benefits superfood for heroes
Health Coaching Case Studies 1993 - present
Baby Massage Workshops
Massage Therapy and Stretching Workshops with The Gaelyn McGregor School of Highland Dance
Canada Summer Games 1990
Speaking Engagements 1990 - Present
Harvest Collective, founding member
First household to recycle in Manitoba, circa 1989 - a University of Manitoba, Izzy Asper school of business, pilot project

Family, a wholesome lifestyle, knowledge, understanding, personal evolution, storytelling, writing, nature, health literacy, physiology, earth health, critical thinking, practical solutions, literature, philosophy, learning about, and from the human story, wisdom, teamwork and leadership, business, womens' issues, creativity, imagination, foreign films, printmaking, language, art, Canada, coding, the future of health, age

Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience deceptive, judgement difficult.

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