HEALTH COACH provides the information, instruction, and the tools to facilitate behavioural change that leads to the creation and maintenance of health, rather than the suppression of natural physiological function and the symptoms of an unhealthy body.

a comprehensive, sustainable system for the creation and maintenance of health, healthy habit formation, and to reduce the risk of disease.

HEALTH COACH is focused on facts and solutions. 
You will learn about your body and what it needs to be healthy: to function; maintain health, and for structural integrity. 

HEALTH COACH is PHYSIOLOGY, evidence-based health research.

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Varier Zero Gravity Balans
Movement Chair 
Vegan Robbie Burns Dinner

Health in The 21st Century and the philosophy of technology The over riding theme of the 21st Century is the manmade versus the natural and the born. What future does health have?


A Comprehensive History of Human Health, Medicine, and Healing with Canadian health statistics

Stress-Free Posture and Body Mechanics Part Four: DO YOU KNOW?

The first school of massage therapy opened in 1988 in Winnipeg.
Part One: A Review of the First Generation (30 years) of Massage Therapy in Winnipeg
Part Two: The Next Generation 

Where's The Health in Our Healthcare System? HEALTH COACH INVESTIGATES 

Dinner With Frank McTruck. I revisit the past with my first health mentor and we remake our superfood salad for old times sake.

What Happens After Your Recycling Is Picked Up, Manitoba? HEALTH COACH REPORTS

The Future of Food Production. There will be 10 billion people on earth by 2050, can we produce enough food using healthy methods? Control of Food = Control of Everything. HEALTH COACH INVESTIGATES

In the Archives: (with live links) 

Basic Health Habit No. 4: Physical Activity

Basic Health Habit No. 3: Hydration

Basic Health Habit No. 2: Digestive Health + Nutrition - 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Basic Health Habit No. 1: Sleep - 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Stress-Free Posture and Body Mechanics
Part Three: Resilience


Almonds: An Ideal Staple Food
Superfood Feature

Editorial: Good Bye, 296.

Forty Shades Greener 
Green Food and Some Healthy Irish-Themed Recipes. All About Chlorophyll and How To Grow Wheatgrass

Hearty Irish Comfort Food With Poetry and Stories

Heart Health and The Physiology of A Broken Heart

The Psychology of Joy

HEALTH COACH TALKS With Olam Qatan Proprietor and Scholar Ya'qub ibn Yusuf In Jerusalem, About Joy

The Physiology of Joy: Part One, Part TwoPart Three 

EDITORIAL Part Two: Happy Birthday, HEALTH COACH

Dates: An Ideal Staple Food
Superfood Feature

EDITORIAL: Customer Service

Welcome Spring and 5 reasons why you should eat more sprouts

The HEALTH COACH Practical Guide to Healthy Habits

A Valentine For My Brother, Christopher: A Healthy Food Feature

Little Smackerels For Teatime with Christopher Robin featuring Superfood Sweet Treats

HEALTH COACH TALKS With Mila Maximets, Solberry Seabuckthorn

Stress-Free Posture and Body Mechanics. Part One: Soft Tissue Dysfunction /  Part Two: A Modern Posture /  
Part Three: Resilience

Alfresco Summer Picnic Menu: Recipes With Super Nutrients That Promote Immune System Health, Sun Tolerance, and Happiness  

Umami Recipes With Super Anti-Aging Nutrients

Umami: The Fifth Taste with Chef Alex Svenne Interview

How To Take Care Of Your Immune System And Reduce Your Risk Of Disease. Part Six: DO YOU KNOW?

How to Take Care of Your Immune System and Reduce Your Risk of Disease. Part Four and Five: Basic Health Habits 

Mezzé are small dishes shared companionably alfresco that embrace the vibrant flavours and cooking styles of North Africa, The Mediterranean and The Middle East.

Water, Sun, and Sand: To Lake Winnipeg with Love

Cooking with Shanti Bhakoo: A Hindu Punjabi Menu with Recipes

How to Take Care of Your Immune System and Reduce Your Risk of Disease. Part Three: Basic Health Habits

The Superfood Avocado with Recipes

What is the Immune System and How Does it Work? Part Two: The Immune Response

What is the Immune System and How Does it Work? Part One: Organs and Cells

Basic Health Habits: (Posts 1-13) Sleep / Nutrition / Hydration / Physical Activity / Positive Mental Attitude / Breathing / Sweating / Sunshine / Rest and Relaxation / Meditation / Hygiene / Life Skill
s / Nature

Radiation Poisoning Primer with Treatment Protocol and Radiation and Cell Phone Use

My Moroccan Dinner Party Menu and Recipes

Additional pages:

Nature And The City: My Nature Journal with photos

Behind the Scenes: An Introduction and Guide to HEALTH COACH

Favourite Flu & Cold Remedies  /  Natural, Healthy Sources of Sun Protection Factor /  Tetley Tea Infusions and A Warning About Drink Mixes: A Special Review 

Special News: HEALTH COACH Health IQ Quiz / The New Moderation / KarmaTsilhqot’in Nation Land Treaty Recognized By The Supreme Court of Canada / Why You Should Stop Drinking Plastic Bottled Water / HEALTH COACH REPORTS: Consumer Environmental Packaging Levies in Manitoba / Exposé: Are Nutritional Food Labels Accurate? / PETA Offers 1 Million To First To Create In Vitro Meat / Project AIR

Health Dictionary


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