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The best things happen when you're relaxed

:: NEW 
You will be massaged with a deliciously scented blend of salts, nutrient rich oils, and warm cacao butter


A tissue-intensive treatment beneficial for chronic soft tissue dysfunction and pain. You will also be massaged with  naturally-formed, Manitoba volcanic basalt stones to aid the release of muscle tension and congestion, and to enhance circulation and recovery. 

For the treatment of the digestive system and abdominal organs.

with hot towels 
Beneficial for the treatment of TMJ, sinusitis,
improved skin health and a natural face lift.

Stress-Free Posture Education
Assessment of your posture and customized guidance is available for inclusion with any of the other treatments. 

The Secret to Deep Breathing
Learn a valuable technique to help you to become a deep breather with ease and enjoyment, and to give you the benefits of increased health. This tutorial is available for inclusion with any of the other treatments. 


  • Massage initiates change. 
  • Maximum benefit is experienced 24-48 hours after a massage. Health-promoting circulation is increased, congestion eased, and pounds of stress, erased. 
  • Optimal results depend on rest, hydration, and movement. 
  • Massage supplies a valuable opportunity for becoming cognizant of the process of holding unnecessary tension and the relationship with breathing; developing breathing and relaxation skills to create change; and for experiencing the real state of being relaxed. A chance to catch your breath. An authentic new beginning.
  • The benefits of massage are accumulative; consistency is recommended.

:: I am often asked if my treatments use deep pressure ::

I would like to give you a new idea. More important than depth of pressure is knowledgeable precision and sensitive accuracy. An accomplished therapist will use this effective method. 

It is better to have tension and congestion eased, instead of wrestled; coaxed, not forced; allowing deep, restorative breathing, and the possibility of a healthier relationship with your body.

When you have a tissue intensive treatment it is beneficial to breathe freely and deeply during the treatment of your problem areas, and to communicate with your therapist if the physical sensations are unbearable. An experienced therapist will be able to sense and to identify when your body is nearing a tolerance limit.


My method of health coaching involves identifying and maximizing your strengths, and reducing and eliminating the obstacles on your path to health. My guidance is customized to work for you.

The strategy that I use starts with the 13 basic health habits. HEALTH COACH Basic Health Habits™ is a comprehensive, sustainable system; fundamental and essential for the physiological health  of all humans. This gives you a sound foundation for increasing knowledge and understanding of your body and what it needs to be healthy and disease-free.

A Health Coach can help you to navigate past old habits and blind spots and to fast-track your efforts and results for a lifelong, rewarding relationship with your health.

Health Coaches will shape the future of healthcare. 
- Mark Hyman, MD

HEALTH COACH provides the information, instruction, and the tools to facilitate behavioural change that leads to the creation and maintenance of health, rather than the suppression of natural physiological function, and the symptoms of an unhealthy body.

Valerie Tonner RMT, RMTSMB, is a graduate of the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy and Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies, Advanced Studies in Osteopathic Manual Medicine, with Honours.

Thesis: The Study, Pathology, & Treatment of Fascia

Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA) Certification, with Case Studies.

Diplomas: Cervical Mobilization (Osteopathic) / Active Isolated Stretching / Visceral Manipulation / Spinal Assessment and Treatment (Osteopathic) / Knee Assessment and Treatment with Glen Bergeron PhD CAT(C) / NISA: A softened version of Rolfing
  • HEALTH COACH research project 1993 - present 
  • Yoga studies 1987- 2015 
  • Thai Massage 2008 - 2014 
  • Deep Heat stone therapy 1995-2014, 2016 - present, using heated, naturally formed, Manitoba basalt  
Leading the vanguard of a new generation of well-educated, progressive health professionals with the identification of a comprehensive health creation and maintenance system of basic health habits necessary, universally, for human physiological health. This is the fundamental foundation of health missing, and needed to build a coherent and definitive infrastructure of education systems, government policy, and healthcare that actually includes health.

The Physiology of Health
Informative - Inspiring - Empowering

HEALTH COACH is a research project that began in 1993 with the recording of data about the basic health habits and health complications of my clients. Twenty six years and more than 20,000 people later, this project has given me profound insight into the health issues, and the ideas, language, and beliefs about health here in Canada, and I question all of it. 

HEALTH COACH is also a comprehensive guide for a healthy lifestyle, with the identification of 13 basic health habits, necessary, universally, for human physiological health. This is the fundamental foundation of health missing, and needed to build a coherent infrastructure of education systems, government policy, and healthcare that actually includes health.

For the last nine years, my research has focused on providing the evidence to show that the basic health habits are not only necessary for physiological structural integrity and function, but also, when practiced together as a whole, the 13 basic health habits are comprehensive enough to create and maintain health, to reduce the risk of disease, and for healthy habit formation. 

The 13 basic health habits are also a dependable system for evaluating health. Conventional medical tests give us our risk of particular conditions - high cholesterol warns of impending heart disease, for example, while high blood sugar predicts diabetes. Basic Health Habits, by contrast, help us to evaluate the basic needs to support healthy physiological function, give us an overall reading of how healthy we are, and supply the practical application to address any issues.

Evidence-Based Health 
I focus on facts and solutions. I endeavour to give accurate and comprehensive information about the structure and function of your body and what it needs to be healthy, to function properly, and to provide recommendations for practical application. My work is grounded in the science of anatomy and physiology.

Physiology is my poetry

I am a health professional, with long term clinical experience, and a researcher-writer. I have a formal science-based education and thesis work combined with a health perspective. I am on the frontline of healthcare, and I see firsthand what is happening with health in Canada. I have a passion for understanding the human body. 

My research involves meta-analysis of current studies by leading experts, using systematic review methods. I conduct case studies and compile data about health, basic health habits, and disease across a broad spectrum of the population. My research includes the study of disease formation, and the history of health, disease, and medicine in Western and Non-Western cultures. My knowledge and understanding of health is further enhanced by a continuous and expansive study of human physiology.

Building a bridge between the worlds of health, science, and medicine is also a goal here at HEALTH COACH. I look forward to the day when health is not considered the alternative.

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The best things happen when you're relaxed.
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Valerie Tonner


  1. I love how you've integrated your profession as a massage therapist with your focus on health habits practice as essential for maintaining wellbeing. Much success in your future publications.

  2. Thank you for your generous encouragement, Roger.

  3. It is an ongoing directive in my health practice to encourage clients to go within and affect changes in perception which direct them towards healthy health habits and conscious mindfulness of breathing and continued presence of body state. The transformation begins within first in the consciousness then manifests itself in better health habits. Thanks so much for your brilliant insights and encouragement.

    1. The work here at HEALTH COACH has focused on the most neglected area of health: basic health habits. I discovered, after collecting data for 23 years from more than 30,000 people, that Canadians think of health only in terms of fitness and weight-loss, and chase an idealized body image which is aggressively marketed. I see that people are willing to try any unnatural means to attain this ideal. It sets the stage quite nicely for transhumanism.

    2. Health relates only to an intact flesh and blood body.


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